34 Bluey Quotes – Inspiring & Funny Lines from Chilli, Bingo, Bluey, Bandit & others

Bluey is a kids’ TV show about a puppy named Bluey who lives with her father (Bandit), mother (Chilli), and younger sister (Bingo). It started in 2018 and is still running to date and so far as of this writing has 151 episodes. Here are some of the most inspiring ( and sometimes funny) quotes said by the characters from the show-

“A Queen does not just run off to play! The Queen isn’t afraid of a bit of hard work” –Bluey

“First manners is, don’t speak when someone’s speaking” –Bluey

“I dont want a valuable life lesson, i just want an ice cream” -Bluey

“Tell him you love him” –Bluey

“Today is better than tomorrow” –Bluey

“Where was I before I was born?” –Bluey

“Why do you never play with us” –Bluey

“You have to be the bravest you’ve ever been” –Bluey

Chilli: “What does dad always say?”

Bluey: “Don’t tell mom”

Chilli: ‘Right….wait what?”

Chilli Heeler Quotes (Mom)- Inspiring and Loving Lines

“Remember bluey, calm and controlled” –Chilli

“Remember, I’ll always be here for you, even if you can’t see me, because I love you.” –Chilli

“Sometimes does your outside voice say Yes, when your inside voice really means no?” –Chilli

“Sometimes special people come into our life, stay for a bit and they have to go. But the bit where they were here was happy, wasn’t it? Maybe that makes it all worth it” –Chilli

Chilli quote- "sometimes special people come into our life..." (from bluey tv show)

“You can’t always fix people sweetheart” –Chilli

“You don’t vote for someone based on what they look like. You vote for who will be the best boss” –Chilli

“Your true love probably has her own problems” –Chilli

The world is a magical place” –Chilli

“We all fail Mum School sometimes. But we just try again tomorrow” -Chilli Heeler

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Bingo Heeler Quotes – Funny Lines

“Have a cry, Pick myself up, Dust myself off and keep going” –Bingo

“I have to go, I’m a big girl now” –Bingo

“I made my own fun” –Bingo

“I noticed that your legs don’t get as tired when you’re having fun” –Bingo

“The fridge doesn’t like me” –Bingo

“Did Bluey ever learn to walk?” -Bingo

“You should be in a tree, leaf.” -Bingo

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Bandit Heeler Quotes (Dad)

“Flowers may bloom again, but a person never has a chance to be young again.” –Bandit

“If you’re gonna do something, do it properly” –Bandit

“We just want to love you” –Bandit

Bandit: “This is great. They’re learning a lesson, and we get the house clean.”

Chilli: “Neither of those things are happening.”

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Other Characters Quotes

Chilli: “I remember when you used to take me here as a kid… that was a long time ago.” Grandad: “No, it was yesterday.”

“And I hope we’re friends forever and ever and ever” –Lila

“Coconuts have water in them!” -Muffin

“You have to follow the same rules as everyone, OK? Thanks Kiddo” –Stripe

Mackenzie: “C’mon lion, you can do it”

Bluey: “Wait no your a mean lion tamer”

Mackenzie: “Oh yeah, Jump lazy Lion!”

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