17 Basil Quotes (Omori game)

Basil is a character from the game Omori who loves plants. Here are some of her best quotes-

“And these… These are white tulips. Tulips aren’t very flashy plants. They’re not too big or small, not too elaborate or flamboyant.
If I could put it in another way… I guess I would say that… they’re comfortable. Simple, modest, and perfect.
Just like Sunny.”

Cacti are very sturdy and resilient plants by nature. They don’t need much care and can survive even in seemingly impossible conditions.
I guess what I’m saying… is that even you could take care of a cactus, Kel…”

“Everything is going to be okay… Everything is going to be okay… Everything is going to be okay… Everything is going to be okay…”

“I just finished planting some little sprouts and wanted to show everyone. Come on! They’re really cute!”

“I want to say that everything will be okay.
That we have no choice, but to carry on.

“I’ll cherish you all forever”

Let’s make some new memories together, okay?

“My thoughts will follow you into your dreams.”

“Our current and amounting predicaments in the ongoing present-day will be swiftly resolved with minimal to no consequences.”

“Our memories! It’s proof of our friendship!”

“Reject humanity, return to plant

Roses come in many different colors and have their own unique meanings.
Pink roses symbolize admiration… Orange roses symbolize passion… Yellow roses symbolize friendship… and the list goes on.
HERO doesn’t remind me of any rose in particular.
I think HERO is like all roses, because he’s versatile and universally loved.”

“The photos in our album… They’re not just photos.
They’re real memories.”

“These are sunflowers. They’re called that because they always face towards the sun.
That’s how I want to be like… someone who always sees the bright side of things.”

“These flowers are called lily of the valley. It’s said that they’re able to ward off evil spirits and help people see a brighter future…
I guess that’s why they remind me of Mari.
I can always count on her to help me stay positive.”

“These are a type of flower called the gladiolus, also known as the “sword flower”.
As you might guess, they represent strength of character. Someone who is honest, with strong moral values… Someone who stands by their convictions…
The gladiolus reminds me of Aubrey, because she’s always true to herself.”

“When I was feeling scared, I would look at all our happy memories together. It really helped me keep my hopes up!”

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