Abraham Hicks Quotes on Unconditional Love & Self-Love

Abraham is an entity channeled by Esther Hicks. This article collects some of their best quotes on Unconditional and Self-love-

Unconditional Love Quotes Esther Hicks

“Most people never find a way to bring themselves into joyful balance in the situation like this
because for the most part they depend on finding improved situations before they find an improved
feeling. But since they have no way of fixing a situation like this, they ususally find no way of
maintaining their own personal balance. Like, ‘give me an improved condition, and then I‘ll feel
better’, is what most people are asking for. But what is really required of you is the ability to
maintain your balance and your connection to who you really are regardless of the conditions that
exist. Unconditional love is maintaining my connection to my Source – which is love – regardless
of the conditions that surround me.”

“Many people speak of unconditional love, but rarely live it. Instead, when they see a condition that
causes them to feel negative emotions, they demand the change in the condition. But in doing so,
they set themselves on a long and uncomfortable path of attempting to control others in order to feel
good. When controlling others is necessary in order for you to feel good, you must confine yourself
to a very small world
over which you can gain control, and then you must give more time and
energy than you possess to this impossible effort.
Unconditional love is just what it says – being connected to love and to who you really are,
regardless of the conditions.”

“Unconditional love is really about wanting so much to remain in connection with your Source of love that you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your connection, no matter what manifestations may be happening nearby.”

“It is quite easy to find something that is pure, positive Energy. Thinking about your pets can be a good source of positive thought because animals are so unconditional in their love. Just find any thought that feels good when you think it, and practice it until you begin to set that tone within you. And then, other good-feeling thoughts will follow.”

Self-Love Quotes by Abraham Hicks

Appreciation and self-love are the most important aspects you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this Universe.

Remember that you are extensions of Source Energy; that you are blessed, loved Beings; and that you have come forth into this physical time-space-reality to joyously create.”

“You said, ‘I will love pouring myself into this physical body, into physical time-space-reality, for that environment will cause me to focus the powerful Energy that is me into something more specific. And in the specifics of that focus, there will be powerful motion forward—and joy.'” (from Ask and it is Given)

“We love where you are right now, even if you do not, because we understand how joyful the journey (from where you are to where you want to go) will be.”

“Do you understand how beloved you are, how blessed you are, how adored you are, and what an integral part of this creative process you are? We want you to. We want you to begin to understand the blessed nature of your Being, and we want you to begin to look for the evidence of it, because we are showing it to you in every moment that you will allow yourselves to see it: in the lining up of lovers, money, fulfilling experiences, and beautiful things for you to see; in the lining up of circumstances and events; and in the lining up of amazing co-creative experiences where you are rendezvousing with one another for no other reason than for the fantastically important reason of fulfilling, satisfying, and pleasing yourself and giving yourself joy in the moment.”

“When you love someone, or yourself, you are a vibrational match to who you really are.”

“Whenever you are focused upon something you appreciate, since that current choice of thought is so similar to who you really are as Source Energy, there is no contradiction in your Energy. You are, in your moment of appreciation, offering no resistance to who you are, so your resulting emotional indication is one of love, joy, or the feeling of appreciation. You feel very good.

“You are good. You are loved, and Well-Being is constantly flowing to you, and if you will allow it, it will manifest in all manner of ways in your experience.”

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