13 Mari Quotes (Omori) and Dialogue

Mari is a main character from the game Omori. She is the older brother of Omori and Sunny and she’s always willing to help her friends and siblings. Here are some of her best quotes-

“Anytime is a good time, especially with friends!”

“Don’t you just love the smell of firewood? And the sound of running water? And the crisp space breeze?” (Otherworld campsite)

“Hey there, handsome! Or maybe you prefer…
What’s cookin’, good lookin’?” (talking to Hero)

“Hi, OMORI! Cliff-faced as usual, I see.
You should totally smile more! I’ve always liked your smile.”

“How could someone hate bunnies!?
I just don’t understand some people…”

“I’ll be around whenever you need me. If you’re ever stuck or don’t know what to do, just talk to me, and I‘ll try my best to help!”

“If you’re ever feeling weary, don’t forget you can always rest up at my picnics! Big sister is always prepared!”

“It may be recommended to only set up picnics in normal places like in forests or campsites…
But… where’s the fun in that?” (Humphrey)

“Just the other day, NOSE was telling me about a cute little leaf she met… but… when she tried to be its friend, all it wanted to talk about was how much it hated bunnies…”

“Out of all the jokes, that was the one to make her laugh? Well, I guess humor is different for everyone.”

“PESSI’s going to be waiting in that line forever… Should someone tell him the event is already over?”

“The itch has been scratched! SCOTT better be thankful. Not just anyone would do that for him.”

“The VEGGIE KIDS are comfortable again. I hope they grow up and become wonderful VEGGIE ADULTS!” (Rain Town)

“Well, hello there, AUBREY! Looking cute today.
You always take such good care of your hair.”

“Why don’t you enjoy a nice picnic with me?
That always seems to cheer you up.”

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