33 Best Ashtavakra Gita Quotes

The Ashtavakra Gita is a sacred Hindu text consisting of a dialogue between King Janaka and the sage Astavakra. Here are some of my favorite best quotes from the book-

“Abide in Awareness with no illusion of person. You will be instantly free and at peace.”

Attachment and aversion are attributes of the mind. You are not the mind. You are consciousness itself— changeless, undivided, free. Go in happiness.”

“Even amidst great action, the wise one remains still.”

“Give up completely all contemplation. Hold nothing in the mind or heart. You are the Self, forever free. Of what use is thinking to you?”

“He who believes he is a person is constantly acting, even when the body is at rest. The sage knows he is not a person and therefore does nothing, even when the body is in motion.”

“If the mind is attached to any experience, this is bondage. When the mind is detached from all experience, this is liberation.”

“In the myriad forms of the universe see the primal element alone. You will be instantly free, and abide in Self.”

“In the limitless ocean of Self, waves of beings arise, collide, play for a time, then disappear—as is their nature.”

Indifference to the world’s offerings is liberation.”

“Let the waves of universe rise and fall as they will. You have nothing to gain or lose. You are the ocean.”

Like a leaf in the wind, the liberated one is untethered from life— desireless, independent, free.”

“Look upon friends, lands, wealth, houses, wives, gifts— and all apparent good fortune—as passing show, as a dream”

‘One who knows for certain that this manifold, wonderful universe is Void, becomes desireless Awareness, and abides in the stillness of No-thing.”

10.6 “Prosperity, pleasure, pious deeds… Enough! In the dreary forest of the world the mind finds no rest. For how many lifetimes have you done hard and painful labor with body, mind, and speech? It is time to stop.”

“Realize that what is seen is not there”

“That which has form is not real Only the formless is permanent”

18.94 “The great soul seems to think, but has no thoughts. He seems to have sense perceptions, but does not experience. He seems to have intelligence, but is empty-minded. He appears to be a person, but is not. The sage is neither happy nor miserable, neither detached nor attached, neither liberated nor seeking liberation. He is neither this nor that. Even while distracted, the blessed one is still. In meditation, he does not meditate. In ignorance, he remains clear. Though learned, he knows nothing. The liberated one—who abides unconditionally in Self, who is free of the concept of action and duty, who is always and everywhere the same—is desireless. He does not worry about what he did or did not do. The wise one is neither pleased by praise nor annoyed by blame. He neither rejoices in life nor fears death. One of tranquil mind seeks neither crowds nor wilderness. He is the same wherever he goes.”

“The knower of Truth is never miserable in the world, for the whole universe is filled with Himself alone”

“The liberated soul abides in Self alone and is pure of heart.”

“The liberated soul does not blame or praise, give or take, rejoice or become angry. He is everywhere unattached and free.”

“The sage is fearless, unassailable. No darkness, no light, nothing to lose. Nothing.”

‘The sage neither cares for the universe nor desires its dissolution. He lives happily with whatever comes his way. He is blessed.”

“The wise man is God because he is free of desire and knows nothing.”

The wise one is not troubled by action or inactivity. He lives happily, doing whatever gets done.”

“The yogi who is liberated while living has no duties in this world, no attachments in his heart. His life proceeds without him.”

“Turn your attention to forgiveness, sincerity, kindness, simplicity, truth. Be happy.”

“Was there an age or time men existed without opposites? Leave the opposites behind. Be content with what is. Perfection.”

“When there is no ‘I’ there is only liberation.”

“You are not the body. You do not have a body. You neither do nor enjoy. You are Awareness alone—the timeless Witness. You are free. Go in happiness.”

“You are pure Awareness. Be still, and abide in the bliss of Self.”

“You are That in which the universe appears like waves appearing in the ocean.”

“You are the Sole Witness of all that is, forever free. Your only bondage is not seeing This.”

You are unbounded awareness -bliss, supreme bliss! In you the universe appears, like the mirage of a snake in a rope. Be happy.”

There you have it, a collection of the best Advaita Vedanta quotes by Ashtavakra. I read the book or poem in book ‘Perennial Way’ which consists of translations of around 8 spiritual texts by Bart Marshall. There are many versions of this text but this one is my favorite.

The sage was said to have been born with eight (asta) physical deformities (vakra) due to a curse placed on him by his father, hence the name ‘Ashtavakra’

The Astavakra Gita is considered one of the most profound and advanced texts on Advaita Vedanta, which is a school of Hindu philosophy that teaches the non-dual nature of the ultimate reality. It teaches that the true self or Atman is identical to Brahman, the ultimate reality or Godhead. The text emphasizes the importance of self-realization and the renunciation of ego, and it is highly regarded in India as a guide to spiritual enlightenment.

The Ashtavakra Gita is believed to have been composed in Sanskrit between the 3rd and 5th centuries BCE, although its exact date and authorship are uncertain. It consists of 20 chapters, and its verses are highly poetic and philosophical in nature. The text has been translated into several languages, and its teachings continue to inspire spiritual seekers around the world.

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