Red Hood Quotes

Red Hood is one of the main characters from the Batman Universe. His real name is Jason Todd and he was a former Robin to Bruce Wayne. Below are some of his best quotes-

“Been dead, done that.” (from the Injustice 2 game)

Batman: “And what are you?”

Red Hood: “I’m cleaning up Gotham. More than you ever did.”

“Funny how many times people like us learn the same lessons over and over. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell the difference between a victory and a loss.

“Hard to forget that night, huh? In a way, Batman, this was the site of your first great failure. Maybe your greatest, but certainly not your last, right? Ah, memories.”

“I’m doing it…because he took me away from you.”

“I’m not good or bad, I’m just practical as hell!”

“I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.”

“It was easy to hate the world, when I only knew a small part of it.” (in reference to Gotham)

“It’s not enough to know your enemy. You have to know everything about them. You might not be able to out gun them…but you can alway out think them.”

“Oh my goodness gracious, I’ve been bamboozled!”

“One sec… Daddy’s busy” (while trying to diffuse a bomb)

“So here I am. A hero? A villain? I’m the guy who can do the things that Batman can’t… become someone that Batman won’t. Am I the man that Bruce wanted me to become? Not even close. But someday soon he’ll realize, I’m exactly who he needs.”

“You can’t always be the fastest or the strongest. But you can always be the most prepared.”

“You can’t stop crime! That’s what you never understood! I’m controlling it! You want to rule them by fear but what do you do to those who aren’t afraid?! I’m doing what YOU won’t! I’m taking them out.” (talking to Batman)

“You can’t tell, but I’m dozing off under this mask”

“You. I’ll be you… All of your adult life you’ve fought to save Gotham. Save her from herself. But you never ever understood her. She’s evil and you have to fight her where she lives. I Iive there; I’ll be the one who finally brings peace.” (talking to Bruce/Batman)

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