David Goggins Quotes from Andrew Huberman Podcast 2024

This is the ONE- the best podcast and talk from David Goggins so far; even better than his audiobooks- yes you read that right. It was released on 1 January 2024- the best way to kick off the New Year. Let’s make this year your best one yet warrior-

(Note: I’ve changed some of the strong words to cleaner ones)

“After 77 miles of running, every question I ever had is answered.”

“But to lose the weight you have to lose, my friend, sorry. It’s going to (be terrible) every day because then when you’re 300 pounds, you’re going to go out to lose weight, you could probably get injured. So then you got to work on the injury.
And then you get even more depressed. This is what I went through. And then you’re hungry because now you’re depressed. It’s just a vicious cycle. And if you’re not strong mentally and you have no willpower, you’re going to continue falling back in this hole versus the man that sits back and goes, all right, man.
This is why I cuss because this is what is in me. This is what it took for me to be me.
Sorry. It didn’t take, hey, OK, we’re going to do this today. No. This really (is terrible). This is real, dude. This is real.
And every day, I’m set back. I’m set back. I’m set back. I’m set back. So this is what I would tell your boy. This is exactly what I’d tell him.
Every day you wake up, you’re going to probably be set back for the first four weeks before you lose significant weight because the mind is going to be playing with you the whole time.
There’s no dopamine. There’s no dopamine in there at 300 pounds. You got nothing. Your hormones are shot.
You have to envision something that is more powerful than you. Something has to get you out of bed. And you have to create it. It has to be false because you’re not it.
So you have to create a false reality, to live in that just to get to work on yourself. That’s the reality.”

“It was never about running. Why do you think I run? It’s the one thing I hate most to do. and I do it like I love it.”

“Everybody has the ability to do it, but they just don’t want to. They want to keep asking questions and keep going to seminars. And the greatness is right in you.”

“Hard work looks horrible. It’s not motivating. It’s not motivating at all. It ain’t like Rocky round 14 where he gets knocked down and goes like this to Apollo Creed. Looks like a man being stuck in a dungeon. And there’s no way out. But you have the key. But you refuse to use it.”

“I do have a willpower that I have never seen in anybody in my life. It is a haunting force that just keeps me going. And I know that that is my strength

“I didn’t teach myself victory first. I taught myself failure. I taught myself how to fail. When you’re 300 pounds and you can’t read and write, do you know how many times you’re going to fail on that process? So if you don’t know how to fail there is no victory.” (2:19:20 mark)’

“I had all these people that I used to watch. Rocky was one, Barnes, Elias from “Platoon,” Jack from “A Few Good Men” when he’s on the stand going crazy. I saw a lot of these characters that I looked at and I was like, man, I ain’t got none of that. But they were characters. After a while, I lived a life so disciplined that everybody that I once looked to, these fake characters, I built that as a man.

“It’s a discipline. It’s a regimen. It was a choice I made. And the choice I made was what are you willing to sacrifice, and what are you willing to give up to find every bit of who you are as a human being? And I was willing to give up everything to do that.”

Nothing is easy. Like running is running. It (feels awful). But you have a choice to make. Do you want to sit down and go back to that guy you once were? No. So this is what it takes. It takes that misunderstanding of people. And they’ll never get it because they were never David Goggins. So that is what it takes for me to do what I do. It may take you something differently.”

“So how it works internally for me is I’ll put it exactly how it is. I’m an artist. And every day, I’m painting Mona Lisa. Every day. And but it’s a different one. It’s not the same painting. So every day I wake up, even though I’ll do the same thing, it takes a different way to get there.
So every day, in my mind, I’m going through my mind. I’m just like- and a good painter will not just paint. He needs to create. And you can’t create with phones and everything going around you. So you got to block yourself off. You only do two podcasts in a year. You block yourself off.
And you’re painting this thing inside. And you’re going through all these different colors of paint and everything else. And you can only figure out the right painting if you spend the correct amount of time in your brain. So every single day, I’m literally going through my mind, and I’m painting. I’m creating this masterpiece. And the masterpiece is always myself.
And but to do that, you cannot have any distractions because if you’re talking to an artist and he’s trying to think about the next
painting, he can’t. It’s impossible to listen to you and listen to what your mind and body are telling you we must do.
Because people don’t do enough of that. They don’t do any of it. They don’t have passion. They lack passion, drive, determination because you haven’t spent time with yourself. Your mind will tell you what is next.”

“Sometimes all the voices are telling you the wrong things, man. But through years, years, not a podcast or listening to a book or reading a book, years of sacrifice, of suffering, of diligent pinpoint work on what you want to do for yourself, not like, oh, let me just do a bunch of stuff. Let me– I want to be in every task possible. No.
Pinpoint what I want to do with my life. What happens is you have all these voices that are telling you you’re messed up, and this is going to be hard.
But for some reason, you put so much practice into you that you can ignore every one of them that are telling you you’re not going to make it. And still be able to make it because you have put the practice in that you know this is the process. It’s such a daunting task that all the voices are saying no. But you still have the conviction that I know I can do this.
And that’s what it took for me to get here. 20, 30 years ago, I had this- 35 or whatever it was, 25 years ago,- pipe dream. And ever since then, every voice was like, you’re a freaking nut. But when you put that practice in every day, you lace them up. And I mean, run. It’s just a metaphor for life. When you lace them (shoes) up every day, pretty soon, you win. Pretty soon, you’ll win.”

“When I was losing the weight, I had to miserably wake up every morning in the cold because it was Indiana, November, when it started. I was miserable. This is your new life. Take it or leave it. There’s no happiness about it. There’s no peace behind it. It’s (just terrible). And it’s going to continue to (be terrible). And then one day, you’ll get to a special part in your life that it might get a little bit better.”

“When I was younger, I had this image in my mind of what does a man look like to me? And I got all these people who are badasses, characters. And in my mind, I became that. And that’s what kept me going a lot was I had this pipe dream of becoming a little bit of this and a little bit of that because when you have no parents raising you and you have no role models growing up, it’s not daydreaming. You start to create a reality like, mm, maybe I can be that. And after becoming this guy, that is the biggest thing I can ever do in my life is I became that guy. That I once looked at all these, guys and now I look at myself like, god, who the hell can do that? I can.”

“Who I am and who I say I am– I AM. No more lies. no more skirting the truth. No more bs. And that is worth every dime I’ve ever made in my life”

“Why am I so unique? I’m being exactly what I’m supposed to be

David Goggins has released two books-

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