Alex Hannold Quotes on Climbing, Fearlessness

Alex Hannold is one of the most fearless men alive today. He is a free solo climber which means he climbs cliffs without any ropes and uses only his hands and feet and chalk to support himself. Below are some of his most inspiring quotes-

Fear and Excitement are such similar emotions, if you can trick your brain into feeling Fear as Excitement, you will never be afraid of anything”

“I think it’s stupid to live your life in preparation for the next life”

“It was the climb I wanted, and it felt like mastery.” -TED Talk on climbing El Capitan

“I didn’t want to be a lucky climber. I wanted to be a great climber” -TED talk about climbing El Cap

Nobody achieves anything great because they’re happy and lazy” 

“The whole pursuit of this dream has allowed me to live my best life, that makes me hopefully the best version of me. Just because I’ve achieved a dream doesn’t mean that I just give up on the best version of me. I want to be the guy that trains and stays fit and motivated. Just because you finish a big route doesn’t mean that you just quit.”

“There is no adrenaline rush. If there’s a rush, that means you did something wrong.”

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