Gurbani Quotes in English on Guru, God, Love

Heere are some wonderful Gurbani quotes about God, Prayer, Guru and other things for you-

“As the Shephard is in the field for only a short time, so is one in the world.”

“By God’s grace the mind is enlightened. By God’s kindness, the heart-Lotus blooms.”

“Chanting the Name of the Lord and keeping it in your mind, you shall find peace.”

“He alone is permanent”

“If you yearn for goodness then perform good deeds and feel humble and meek.”

“Meeting the True Guru, darkness is dispelled.”

“One who has no one to call his own- God belongs to him.”

“The Lord constantly abides with you. Day and night, meditate on him, O my friend.”

“This human incarnation is your chance and this is your time to meet the Almighty God. Look deep into your own heart and reflect on this.”

“The rain pours down and my mind is drenched with His love”

“The speech of the Lord is the most sublime speech, free of any attributes”

“Victory is obtained when one conquers his own mind”

“Why do you cry out and cry out and mourn for the dead? The Lord is and always and be”

“Without the One True name, everything appears as dust.”

“Your wealth shall not go with you. Why do you cling to it?”

“You are great and wondrous is your will”

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