24 Bingo Heeler Quotes from Bluey- Funny, Cute Lines

Bingo Heeler is the sister of Bluey from the TV show Bluey. Her mom is Chilli and her dad is Bandit. She also goes by the name of Rita (Grannies), Slobberdobber (Hotel), Sparkleshot (Spy Game), Snowdrop (Zoo), Merryfindor (Swim School) and Larn (Yoga Ball). Below are some of her funniest and most memorable quotes

“awww I slipped on ma beans!” *Flosses

“Banjo said my arms are stubby…and that I still must be two, but I’m not two I’m four.”

“Did Bluey ever learn to walk?”

“Hehe, bottomless

“I am hurry upping!”

“I’m not interesting in that”

“I’m just a small, forgettable child.”

“Its very Rooodd”

“Isn’t anyone going to mention the salad!?”

“It’s called a tactical wee.

“my goodness, this is not relaxing!!”

“no problem, babe!” -Bingo acts as a guy with a mustache and hat

“Oooo I was invisible”

“Poor Hecuba. He always loved hamburgers.”

“Poor little bug on the wall, Ching Ching! No one to love him at all, Ching Ching!”

“This is trifficult

“This. Is. Out-raa-geous!”


“”Who wants night bacon?!?!?!”

“Why do you keep trying to teach us things we don’t want to learn!!”

“Yeah luv, you need a new doodad.”

“Yeah! Whack him!”

“You should be in a tree, leaf”

Bluey, to Unicourse: “Listen Unicourse, NOBODY wants to eat Broccoli.”

Bingo: “Except me.” Very nonchalantly nibbles on a piece

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