15 Vegeta Quotes to Goku (Kakarot) in DragonBall

Vegeta’s biggest rival has always ben his friend and brother Goku (who he refers to Kakarot). They started off as enemies but soon became each other’s biggest motivators, challenging and pushing each other to be the best versions of themselves. Here are some of the best quotes and lines spoken by Vegta to (or in reference to) Goku (Kakarot)-

“Come on Kakarot find a way, i entrusted everything to you, my pride, my promise, everything. I won’t tolerate failure. Trespass into the domain of the gods and use that might to conquer Jiren! Do it Kakarot!!” (While Goku was fighting Jiren in DBS)

“Don’t think that you turning into a Super Saiyan changes anything. I’m still the top Saiyan! Don’t forget that!” -Vegeta to Goku in DBZ

“Every time I reach a new level of strength, a greater power appears to challenge my authority. It’s as if fate is laughing at me with a big stupid grin, just like Kakarot.”

He has beaten me completely. First through his own actions. And then through his sons as what has he left for me here. How, how could you die like that? How Kakarot? I’ll… never… have the chance… to prove my strength against you. You died without fear, what does that make of me? I am no warrior and I will never fight again” (After Goku’s sacrifice)

“I have in me the blood of a saiyan prince. He is nothing but a joke! Yet I’ve had to watch him surpass me in strength. My destiny, thrown to the wayside. He- He’s even saved my life as if I were a helpless child. He has stolen my honour. And his debt! Must be paid!”

“It is time to take back what is mine. I will not live my life as your second. That time is over. Every breath you take is an assault to my honor. But no more Kakarot. By my hands, you will be cut down inch by inch. The way you have cut down my pride!”

Kakarot, please… destroy Frieza. He made me what I am… don’t let him do it to anyone else. Whatever it takes… Stop him, please.”

My motivation was to be the best… to be the greatest Saiyan alive, as I always have been… until Kakarot came into the picture that is. Kakarot’s success was like a demon in my head. How could he be a Super Saiyan when I, the prince of all Saiyans, could not?”

“There’s only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above and conquers all”

“Trunks, Bulma, I do this for you. And, yes, even for you, Kakarot.”

“When we fight, we’ll need whole planet for an arena.” ( speaking of Goku during the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament)

“You are better than me, Kakarot. You are the best.” (in the final explosion attack against Buu)

Goku: Vegeta, thanks

Vegeta: For what? i should be thanking you Kakarot

Goku: Nah, what do you mean? I loved every minute…(vegeta starts disappearing) Goodbye my friend. DBZ)

Vegeta’s speech to Goku when he was fighting Frieza and was ready to give up

Kakarot! How dare you give up? You’re a Saiyan warrior, take some pride in your heritage”

“Stop trying to convince yourself (that you’re not a Saiyan), you personify our race! the blood in your veins, that perfect instinct for battle. There’s no denying what you are.”

Reach down deep. Feel the pain of those of us who failed. Your brethren were all decimated. Your home world lost. Does it not enrage you to stand before the man responsible for driving us to extinction?”

Vegeta’s quotes to Goku Black

Vegeta: You want to know what your big mistake was, Black?

Goku Black: What mistake?

Vegeta: It’s that stolen body. Every muscle, every cell! His body was built from a lifetime of intense battles. But you took it. It’s all secondhand! You feel the power in those Saiyan cells but you don’t truly understand it. But you didn’t build it! And you’ll never learn to think like that clown!

Goku Black: How can there be such a huge power gap between us?

Vegeta: That’s simple. You’re an interloper a Saiyan imposter. And I’m the real thing The almighty Prince Vegeta!

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