27 Chilli Heeler Quotes (Mom from Bluey)

Chilli Heeler is a main character from the Australian TV show ‘Bluey’. She is the mother of Bluey and Bingo and the wife of Bandit. She also gets called by these nicknames- Pavlova, Madge, Lady Gaberdine and Sharon Below are some of her best quotes form the TV show-

“Are you ready, Bob?”

“Can it Maynard!”

“Daddy Robots will find the easiest way to do a job.”

“Gee his lawns looking green”

“I just need 20 minutes where no one says anything to me”

“I want to get married and have your bus babies!”

“If you want me to stay your wife, you’ll learn about dishwashers.

“Oh, Leave them alone, they’re just trying to run a small business!

“Remember bluey, calm and controlled

“Remember, I’ll always be here for you, even if you can’t see me, because I love you.”

“Sometimes does your outside voice say Yes, when your inside voice really means no?”

“Sometimes special people come into our life, stay for a bit and they have to go. But the bit where they were here was happy, wasn’t it? Maybe that makes it all worth it”

“The door is right there. All we have to do is walk through it.”

“The number you have dialed has been disconnected.”

“The world is a magical place”

“This is not good parenting.”

“This is what happens when you’re not happy with what you have! Somebody’s husband eventually gets it!”

“Wait…is it a bad idea?”

“We all fail Mum School sometimes. But we just try again tomorrow


“You can either take turns, or I’ll bring the xylophone to work with me, I’ll freeze my boss.”

“You can’t always fix people sweetheart”

“You can’t hide from me! I know this bush like the back of my paw!”

“You don’t vote for someone based on what they look like. You vote for who will be the best boss

“You got it, Lucky’s Dad!”

“Your true love probably has her own problems”

Chilli: He has to accept that he’s getting older and needs to look after himself!

Maynard: Well if he was here, he’d just say “shouldn’t it be up to me?”

Chilli: No it shouldn’t! I’m his daughter! He should take care of himself for me because…I still need him.

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