20 Omori Quotes by Basil, Mari, Aubrey etc | Funny Inspirational Sayings

Omori is an RPG game released in 2020. The player controls the game as sunny and explores both the real and his dream world. Below are some of the best quotes from the game-

“All it costs is your love” -Mari

“Curses! We’ve been bamboozled” -Kel

“Don’t be ugly” – The Wise rock

“Goodbye… little brother”

“Hey handsome! or maybe you prefer…. whats cookin, good looking!”

“Just because you did something bad, doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“Let’s go on an adventure… just the two of us!” -Aubrey

“Maybe I pushed you too hard? I’m sorry… I just wanted it to be perfect.”

“My thoughts will follow you into your dreams.” -White Egret Orchid

“Smile while you still have teeth!”

“The sun shined brighter… when she was here…” -Cipher

“Uh-oh… Now you’ve done it…” -Kel 

“What if it’s up to you? What if it’s only up to you?” -Parvenu

“When I flex, I feel my best!”

“When trouble shows itself, there is always the choice to run.
But one day, you may very well find yourself running alone.” -Aught in the Deeper Well

Basil Quotes Inspiring

Everything is going to be okay... Everything is going to be okay…”

“Let’s make some new memories together, okay?” -Basil

“Promise me we’ll always be there for each other.”

“These are sunflowers. They’re called that because they always face towards the sun.
That’s how I want to be like… someone who always sees the bright side of things.”

“These flowers are called lily of the valley. It’s said that they’re able to ward off evil spirits and help people see a brighter future…
I guess that’s why they remind me of Mari.
I can always count on her to help me stay positive.”

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