23 Bandit Heeler Quotes (Dad’s lines from Bluey)

Bandit is one of the main characters from the popular Australian TV show Bluey. He is the Dad of Bluey and Bingo and the husband of Chilli. Below are some of his most famous funny and random quotes-

“Ah, cheese and crackers…”

“Bluey, do you want cereal? Yeah, you want cereal.”

“Eat your floor cereal”

“Go ahead and give us a double chocolate in a cup, extra large…. …I’ve got a problem.”

“I just need 30 mins on the couch!”

“I Promise I’ll always love you

“I’m kind of a dodgy Dad”

I’m not gonna take advice from a cartoon dog.”

“I’ve got bum worms!!”

“it’s gotta be done”

“It’s a victimless crime!”

“It’s just monkeys singing songs, mate. Don’t think too hard about it.”

“It was the 80s!”

“Ladies and gentlemen! I’m doing this for my kids!”

Magic Claw has no children. His days are free and easy

“Oooh biscuits”

“Out of the way salads”

“That’s about as fair as it gets, actually.”

“That’s not legal anymore” (to Bluey’s Grandma)

“This is all my stuff, from when I used to be cool

“We can edit that bit out, right?”

“Would you like to buy a drain pipe?

“You only have to do one thing. All you gotta do is start so we can mow the lawn. You don’t have to pick up kids, you don’t have to make lunches, you don’t have to make the beds. So work with me here” (talking to the lawnmower)

Employee: “Can I help you?”

Bandit: “I wish you could mate.”

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