“Do you think God stays in heaven…” Quote Origin with Images

“Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he’s created? …here on Earth?”

-Dr. Romero (spy Kids 2) (wrttien by Robert Rodriguez)

Quote Origin

The above popular quote came from the 2002 movie Spy Kids 2 and was spoken by the scientist Dr. Romero while in conversation with the two kids. He was referring to the creatures he had created that had become monsters and he was afraid to go out into the world and face them. Hence he stayed in his lab where he would be safe.

The role of Dr Romero was played by the brilliant actor Steve Buscemi and he delivered that line perfectly. The quote was written by Robert Rodriquez– the writer of the movie.

“Do you think God stays in heaven because…” Quote Images

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