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"There is no condition or situation on this planet, that you do not have the power and the creative license to improve in the way that you feel would be most beneficial. But you've gotta hook up with what source feels about it, you've gotta hook up with the energy of Source about it- and then, focus."

- Abraham Hicks

From the July 2015 workshop in Seattle.

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"The contrast that you think you don't want is not something that you don't want. You're not being tested by it. It´s a piece of information, it´s a piece of experience, in order to help you formulate with greater clarity what you are wanting."

- Abraham Hicks

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"With each request offered all day, every day, a Vibrational Escrow, or Vibration Reality, is forming. The Broader Non-Physical part of you, the part of you that existed even before your birth, the part of you that exists in the Non-Physical even while you are focused in physical-the Source within you (your Inner Being)- not only answers your request for improvement, but becomes it."

- Abraham Hicks

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