46 SKRM Quotes (Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission) by Sant Rajinder Sing Ji Maharaj

Sant Rajinder Sing Ji Maharaj is a spiritual teacher who is based in India. He runs the Science of Spirituality (SOS) organization which also goes by the name of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission (SKRM) in India. His main focus is on meditation and it’s benefits and his teachings have helped countless people. Below are some of his best quotes

“As we grow spiritually, we become more receptive to others, including animals and plants. We become more giving and caring when we deal with other people and all forms of life.”

“At the heart of science and spirituality is a partnership seeking to answer the same questions”

“At the level of soul, we are made of the same essence of God, which is love, consciousness, bliss, and Light.

“Being receptive is like being an empty cup. This describes the attitude we should adopt in meditation and in our spiritual life.”

“Bliss, unlimited knowledge, power, fearlessness, happiness, and peace are the riches of the soul. If we can dig in the right place, they will all be ours.”

“Break through the illusion of the world with the power of meditation.”

“By experiencing inner peace, through meditation, we can achieve outer peace.

“By learning meditation, we can gain entry through a doorway that leads us to worlds of bliss, light, and love within.”

“By transforming ourselves through meditation, we can transform our families, communities, societies, and eventually, the world.”

“Everything needed by us to experience God’s love has been provided to each and every one of us.”

“God created human beings to not only love God, but also love one’s fellow beings.”

“If we can master the art of meditation, then we can successfully cross the turbulent ocean of life and find safety in the spiritual harbor.”

“If you don’t go within, you go without.”

“In meditation, we should not be disturbed by thoughts generated from our mind.

“It is the experience of the soul merging with God which gives us true peace of the soul. And when we achieve this state, it transforms our entire life.”

“Just as a diamond sparkles with light, each soul sparkles with the spark of God.”

“Let our lives be symphonies of love!”

“Let us soothe broken hearts with love, affection, and sweet words.”

Love is the way back to God.”

“Meditation clarifies our inner vision and we realize the true purpose of this human existence”

“Meditation, pure and simple, is withdrawing our attention from the outer world and focusing it at the inner or third eye.”

“Not a day of our lives should pass without spending some time in meditation.”

“Once we learn how to meditate, we carry within us a ready remedy which we can use at any time and place.”

Spiritual progress depends on a stillness of mind, free of mental entanglements and attachments.”

Spread the fragrance of God’s love wherever you go.”

“The Light and Sound of God is a stream of love.”

“The more attuned we are to the soul within us, the greater our love, compassion, and service for humanity.”

“The ultimate end of the journey is merging back into God, an infinite ocean of consciousness and love.”

“There is a diamond within each of us; it is the spark of the inner Light and Sound of God that God planted within each of us.”

“This whole Universe is held together by the law of love expressed as physics.”

“Through meditation, our vision is broadened, and we begin to have compassion for everyone.”

“To achieve union of our soul with God, we must have a yearning for God.”

“True happiness comes when we connect with the source of joy within us: our soul and God.

“Truth is one. Whoever comes in contact with God carries back the same truth.”

“Ups and downs in life are going to happen in the lives of all of us. It is equipoise that we need.”

“We are searching for Love all over the world and it lies buried right within us.”

“We need to choose at each moment of our life whether to be distracted by our problems, or attracted by God.”

“We need to shut down the chatter of the world to hear God within.”

“When our soul is empowered, we remain unattached. If we can live in a manner in which we are not attached to anything transitory in this world, then we are truly free

“When the soul reunites with God, we are immersed eternally in love and bliss.”

When we give, we find more and more blessings raining down upon us unasked for, and our hearts are filled with godly love.”

“When we look at life through the eyes of the soul, we trust that God will take care of us.”

“When we meditate, the divine love of God touches our soul. It permeates our being and fills us with love and bliss.”

“When we reach the stage where the Creator rather than His creation becomes our ruling passion, we are ready for prayer in its highest form.”

“When we realize life’s impermanence, we seek a love that will not end.”

“When we sit with sincerity and love in our hearts for God, we become receptive to receive what God sends us from within.”

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