Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes to Manifest, Attract Dream Life

Gabrielle Bernstein’s books are some of the best I’ve read on the subject of Law of Attraction. Below are some of her best quotes-

Fixating on a specific outcome that we think we want causes us to struggle and suffer as we attempt to force it. We don’t let ourselves feel happy, satisfied, or relaxed until we can check that goal off the list.”

Having fun is one of the most important things you can do” (Super Attractor)

“I consciously continue reaching for more and more positive thoughts”

“I start my day with positive thoughts and energy. I am relaxed, nonresistant, and clear. My day unfolds with ease and grace.”

“I’ve learned through experience that even if things aren’t going the way I planned, I can still have fun.”

Separating from love means that you deny the presence of a higher power (the presence of the Universe) and learn to rely on your own power to feel safe. The moment you choose to disconnect from the loving presence of the Universe, you lose sight of the safety, security, and clear guidance that is otherwise available to you. The moment you realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented. The presence of love will always cast out fear” (Chaper 1 of ‘The Universe has your back’)

“We must be selfish in our practice. ‘Selfish’ here is not a negative concept. This kind of selfishness doesn’t hurt anyone else, and it doesn’t mean you neglect others in any way. But it requires you to put your joy first.”

“When we fulfill our function, which is to truly love ourselves and share love with others, then true happiness sets in.”

“When you’re selfish about your well-being, you’re actually being of high service to the world. This is because the more joy you embody and the more you allow inspiration to move through you, the more powerfully you will serve others.” (from ‘Super Attractor’)

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