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"With each request offered all day, every day, a Vibrational Escrow, or Vibration Reality, is forming. The Broader Non-Physical part of you, the part of you that existed even before your birth, the part of you that exists in the Non-Physical even while you are focused in physical-the Source within you (your Inner Being)- not only answers your request for improvement, but becomes it."

- Abraham Hicks

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"How can you tell if you're making progress? Simply by the way you feel. If the world is getting to you and you feel there's something in this world that you hate or you love, something in this world that upsets you or makes you happy, then you know you're not making progress, or not too much progress. True happiness, peace, love, is your very nature. There is nothing in this outside world that can give it to you."

- Robert Adams

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