20 Stray Kids Quotes – Inspiring & Love Lyrics

Stray Kids is a south Korean boyband comprised of 8 members and they have released some beautiful and inspiring songs. I’ve compiled the best quotes from the lyrics of some of their hit songs below-

Inspiring Quotes from Stray Kids Lyrics

“As long as I stay with my heart, I can use a broken compass.” -Han (Broken compass)

“But then again, no I shouldn’t give up, I feel it inside, don’t wanna give up.” (Maze of Memories)

“Doesn’t matter if the world is a cold place, cause I’m getting cooler.” (Get Cool)

“Don’t panic when you encounter tides, follow them.” -Han (Broken Compass)

“It’s alright to go slowly.” -Bang Chan/Woojin (My Pace)

“It’s nice acting like an adult, but I don’t want to change, even if they say I am immature.” (Young Wings)

“Just that they are ahead doesn’t mean they are first, baby.” (My Pace)

“Look at the sky, look at those bright stars” – (Glow)

“No need to rush, my pace
Don’t compare
It’s alright to go slowly
Go on your own path, my lane
Put down your impatience
Just keep looking forward
You ready, let’s go” (from the song My Pace)

“This is my last time, I won’t give up” – (Glow)

“Tomorrow is the day I wait for every day, my future is bright.” (Blueprint)

“Winnin’ every league in my sleep ‘Cause I make make make my dreams all reality” (Heyday)

“You have to know that being different is not being wrong.” -Changbin (District 9)

“You’re doing enough, you’re doing just fine. I know you and you’re trying your best right now.” (Grow Up)

“You’re doing well. When things are hard I’ll run with you, don’t worry.” -(Grow Up)

Stray Kids Quotes about Romance & Love

“I dream we will meet again”

“If I could love someone again
Could it be better than then?” —Seungmin (stars and raindrops)

“Our chemistry is like a fantasy. Every moment is so perfect when we’re together.” (I am You)

The way you used to touch my soul
Was always so sweet and lovely
” -Felix (deep end)

“Though I reach out my hand, there is nobody to hold it” – Hellevator

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