Best Law of Attraction Teacher to Manifest Your Dreams

If you’ve recently discovered the Law of Attraction and want to learn how to control your thoughts and emotions and would like a teacher or author to guide you in the right way then this article is for you. I stumbled upon this Law years ago when I first saw The Secret and I remember how excited I was about being able to create my own reality. But that excitement soon faded as I felt confused as to how I would go about it.

As a result, I’ve read and listened to many authors and gurus out there and in this article, I will tell you about my three favorite teachers who have helped me achieve many of my dreams and helped me gain emotional stability and well-being. But before we dive into that I want to talk to you about tools and techniques, as the teachers will give you many to help raise your emotional feelings but the most important one is Meditation. If there is only one thing that you do to help create a better life for yourself then this should be it.

Abraham Hicks

The teachings of Abraham are the most helpful and clear out of all in this community, at least that was the case for me personally. Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) dives deep into the topic and you get a clear understanding of how Law of Attraction works and the importance of our emotions. Abraham also has an emotional guidance Scale that shows us how we are doing. not only that they also provide us with various tools and techniques to help raise our vibration and emotional level.

Most of these techniques such as Book of Positive Aspects, Segment Intending, Focus Wheel (my favorite) and others can be found in their bestselling book ‘Ask and it is given’. In the book, there are a total of 22 tools that you can use and implement in your daily life. There are others though that Esther introduced in later years such as Grid Work, Going General, Box of Creation and also concepts such as High-Flying Disc.

Besides their numerous books, Abraham also conducts workshops all year round (mostly in the US) and you can watch and listen to these workshops from their website. They can also be accessed to on youtube as fans have uploaded many clips of segments from these workshops on the platform there.

I actually use one of their products every day and it has helped me a lot, in fact, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it has changed my life for the better. What am talking about is the Guided Meditations which come with a sort of book/user guide along with five audio tracks- General, Physical, Financial, and Relationships wellbeing are guided meditations where Abe talks soothing affirmations while calming music plays in the background. The last one is the Mostly Music guided Meditations where its just the music playing without the talking.

Honorary LOA Teacher Mentions

I’ve stumbled and consumed many books and audio talks by many LOA teachers and gurus and while they are helpful and give me new insights and inspirations that help me in creating a happier, successful life; I always come back to Abraham Hicks simply because they get straight to the point and gives me the relief, ease or info I need and also due to the ease of access since there are so many workshop snippets out there on youtube. But below are some very good teachers on Law of Attraction if you want to expand your reading-

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda is the author of The Secret and she is the one who introduced me to LOA and Esther Hicks so I’ll always be grateful to her. She also has a couple of other books which followed the Secret which are The Hero, The Power, The Magic and The Greatest Secret (I actually just learned of this now). I’ve read some bits of them but my favorite is still her first one.

So there you have it, the best law of attraction teacher in my honest opinion and experience. Hope their materials help you in manifesting (or as Esther would say ‘allowing’) your heart’s desires.

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