About Us

Weird nasal voice with deep breathing(WNVwDB): "It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan."

"Is creating a website full of positive inspiring quotes part of your "plan"?"

WNVwDB: "Of Course"

Created with love and passion by two people:

Programming Hero

Temporary Picture ^^ He is actually male.

Likes: Game of Thrones, Rihanna, Batman, Avengers.

Lazy Daydreamer

Likes: Dancing with fishes^^, Sleeping, Attack on Titan, GoT, Sleep, Fruits, Good music, Napping.

We are currently working on improving the UI of the Quote Maker along with a few small updates and new features. After that is done, we'll be making a Blog section where we (and later you too) can make blog posts. After that 3 more even awesome features will be coming.